Sunset Salute Charles Ogletree

14 Sep
This month the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust salutes Mr. Charles Ogletree. A renowned legal scholar, civil rights advocate and mentor to many, Charles Ogletree was a hero who leaves a lasting legacy in the field of law and in society. He was a leader to our leaders as well as a professor in Harvard law school where he taught and inspired students like Barack and Michelle Obama who now inspire us. He fought for justice, equality and reparations for the victims of slavery and racism. May his legacy continue with the knowledge and guidance he provided many.
His tireless efforts in the legal field were not only a testament to his brilliance but also a reflection of his unwavering commitment to advocate for those whose voices might otherwise have gone unheard. His work spanned boundaries, bridging gaps and transcending barriers, as he sought to bring about positive change in our society. Rest In Peace. 
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
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