Museum Corner: Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Progress and the Way Forward

22 Nov
The Virginia Key Beach Park Trust has faced some recent challenges; on October 13, 2022 the City of Miami Commission voted 4-1 to remove the Trust Board of Trustees and replace them with themselves the City of Commission and two additional appointees from District 5 Commission Chairwoman Christine King.
It is important for the visitors and partners of the Trust to know that the Historic Beach Park is open as usual, and the staff is continuing the daily operations and maintenance of the park. The mission of the Trust has not changed.
The goal to preserve the cultural history and unique environment of the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park has not changed. The important stories surrounding the struggle to establish the Historic Beach Park for the black community during segregation to the creation of the Civil Rights Task Force and later the original Trust will not be lost or forgotten.
Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is an important place, nationally significant and cherished by generations.
The Trust staff will continue to work side-by-side with community leaders, beachgoers, partners, supporters and the City Commission to ensure the preservation of the People’s Park, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.
Important history and stories of the African diaspora reside in the land and remain to be told.
Guy Forchion,
Executive Director of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust.
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