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Keg and Klean

“The Keg and Klean volunteer beach clean-up powered by Debris Free Oceans gave the Historic Beach Park the extra effort it needed to complete

8 Feb

Love Burn 2018

Late January was the transformation of Historic Virginia Key Beach Park into the 2018 LOVE BURN Festival.  This 5th edition of this regional sanctioned

8 Feb

Meet the Artist – Stina Aleah

Join us on February 10th from 7pm-10pm for our FREE VIP Reception and Solo Exhibition featuring the original work of national & international visual artist and oil painter Stina Aleah.

View her latest collection and never before seen creations and meet the artist behind these beautiful pieces.


16 Jan


The Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Board of Trustees unanimously agreed and took the MLK50 Pledge and the Trust became a MLK50 Collaborating

16 Jan

Museum Planning Retreat begins at the Betsy Hotel on South Beach

Thank you to the Betsy Hotel on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach for their hospitality and great service during the November 2017 Museum Planning Retreat held by the Virginia key Beach Park Trust Board of Trustees.
Left to Right: Board Chairman, Gene Tinnie; Board Treasurer, Patrick

14 Dec

Recovery from Hurricane Irma was successful.

TREEmendous Miami, a premier environmental volunteer and advocacy group and Mission Continues sprang into action with a volunteer team to help Historic Virginia

5 Dec

EARTH DAY – Did you know…?

In 1969, Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Democrat Senator from Wisconsin, who had previously served in the United States Army during World War II,

29 Apr

Black History Month Heritage & Neighborhood Tour Group

Black History Month Heritage & Neighborhood Tour Group 2017 at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. We had more than 50 participants and many

29 Apr

Did you know? The tradition of Easter Eggs

The tradition of eating eggs on Easter has its roots tied to Lent, during which Christians traditionally abstained from animal products such as

9 Apr


A landmark South Florida film and winner of the Golden Globe Award for “Best Motion Picture – Drama”
A film critique by Irene Lopez,

9 Apr